Facebook I am no fake

I have been a legitimate Facebook user for a good ten years now and proud of it.  It has been the most wonderful way to keep in touch with the hundreds of friends and work colleagues I have gathered whilst living in many beautiful locations around Australia.  It has enabled me to have an online business as well as share this wonderful blog with all of you, my online likeminded followers.

Last night I was locked out of my account due to Facebook deeming me to be a fake profile.  The only way I can apparently access my pages is to download and send a copy of my drivers licence and my credit card or passport to them directly.  Without any way to contact Facebook directly via email or phone number, I am hesitant to do this.  It could easily be a scam.  Therefore until this issue is sorted you will still see my “Living Green in a Modern World” page and my personal page as active and you will be able to leave comments, likes and message but I am unable to access the pages in any form to reply.  I will continue to post my posts via my blog and suggest that if you wish to contact me, please do so by my blog directly.  You can also subscribe to my blog directly.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience.  Please blame Facebook.

I feel like i’m heading back into the dark ages.  Over and out…


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