Weakness can become a strength

So….. I can’t lie.

My husband and I do have cravings. And we have weakness. We do our best…….

We shop every week at our local farmers market. We only buy meat, eggs and dairy if the animals are ethically farmed. We grow our own veges and herbs when we seasonally can. We recycle. We try and have a conscience with every decision and purchase that we make.

I refuse a shopping bag when I shop and avoid plastic wherever I can..

Which leads me to tonight.

We had one of those once a year cravings for a McDonalds sundae. One of those cravings that you just can’t shake…

We couldn’t throw it!!!

We figured we can’t change the way the dairy is farmed, the packaging and transportation of the ingredients, not to mention the potentially harmful food additives, but the one thing we could change was the way it is served to us.

Armed with our own ceramic bowls and spoons from home, we marched into our local McDonalds. My husband was quite nervous and apprehensive. To his surprise, the young girl was really happy to serve us our sundaes in our own bowls, even congratulating us on our efforts!!!

So it was a win-win…

Not to mention that the ceramic made it taste that little bit better.

Any little step we can all take towards living “greener” in a modern world is a better step than the one before. And simple little changes can have a far greater impact than you can imagine. I urge you. Get out there and make every little step better than the last.

If you need inspiration, there’s a fabulous doco called “No Impact Man.” Watch it if you can. I’d love to hear what steps you take to walk “greener.” xx





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