A cosmic Earth

crown-chakra-2If you have the feeling something cosmic is going on this week, then you are totally right!  With the Winter Solstice occuring on Friday here in Australia (the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere) and tonight’s “supermoon”, Earth’s energy cannot but be affected…

solstice_StonehengeThe Winter Solstice comes only once a year and marks the Earth’s shortest day of the year.  In civilisations gone by, this event marked the beginning of a stronger and brighter sun.  A turning-point for the planet’s cycle.  Friday just gone marked the point when the Earth was tilted away from the sun at its maximum angle all year.  This means that at noon the sun was at its lowest point on the horizon and in the Northern Hemisphere where it was the Summer Solstice, the sun was at its highest point in the sky.

In Neolithic times, the Winter Solstice was a time of celebration.  A time of feasting for the long, cold, un-producing months of winter were coming to an end…

supermoonExpect to see a moon up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than the usual full moon tonight.  A Supermoon occurs once every 14 months when the moon’s axis brings it closest to Earth.  Tonight’s moon is a mere 356,990km from earth.  Many claim that a supermoon can bring on earthquakes and seismic activity, although the scientific community do not confirm these claims.  It will however, bring with it extraordinary high tides.

If you wish to believe the claims, you will be interested to read that both the devastating 2004 Indonesian earthquake and resulting Indian Ocean tsunami along with the unimaginable 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami occured within weeks of a supermoon….. Freaky!


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