I am just your average Australian chick. Blonde, blue-eyed, beach loving girl. Older than I feel in numbers, yet young at heart and on a mission to save the world one step at a time.

I never thought in a million years I would have kids. Hubby and I have been together 16 years. There have been health issues and always an underlying awareness of the environmental impacts from over-population. I guess, to be honest, it had just “never happened.” We were okay with that. We decided to leave it up to nature to choose. Nature, of course, being the divine decider of life.

Mother Nature is god.

I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge and thoughts on environmental issues without annoying my Facebook friends. Sometimes I was made to feel guilty about sharing eco disasters and animal cruelty with my friends, yet my conscience couldn’t not share! “Awareness and knowledge are power” being my motto. With this blog and its own Facebook page, I could find my own world of like minded individuals to walk this eco journey beside me, meanwhile leaving friendships intact. And I found you! I’m soooo glad I did! I am loving the positive passion that comes from like minded individuals doing their bit.

So this brings me to now.

I find myself 5 months pregnant. With all the hormonal changes, emotional roller-coaster and sickness that comes from pregnancy, sitting down to blog has been the last thing on my mind. For that, I apologise! I ask that you bear with me. The world is filled with great things to write about!

The next six months will be a strain for me. This blog will continue to grow and evolve. As will my belly. My road has taken a slight detour but the journey is just as much a part of the destination.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Together, with you, hopefully little poppet and I can continue to share our footsteps as we “Live Green in a Modern World.” After all, aside from this beautiful planet and it’s animals, now there’s soooo much more to lose!



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