Toxic free skin care

“Your body is a temple.”


Your body has the ability to absorb up to two and a half kilograms of toxic chemicals every year through your skin.  So why not make today the day you choose to start in your detox of your bathroom cabinet and your health.

This is the second post in my series on Greening your bathroom cabinet and your health.

So where do you start in your detox of your bathroom cabinet and your health?

The truth is there are some FABULOUS healthy and totally toxic free products out there on the market and for NO more than you already pay for those mainstream toxic bottles of chemicals found in supermarkets, department stores and chemists.  So, where do you go to find these FABULOUS products from companies that are leading the way in healthy, non-toxic skin care and make-up that is world class and that really does work?

I am soooo excited to share my findings with you!!

I can assure you that I am not paid for any of my opinions and that I will only blog about a product I have found that is fabulous.  And a product I have thoroughly tested.  Therefore my results can only contain the products I have been blessed to sample so far.  And I can vouch 100% (to the best of my knowledge) that the products I have listed are toxic free, chemical free and are not tested on animals.

I have been a Jurlique girl for years.  Loving their products.  Loving their ethics.  Loving that they are natural based.  Loving that they are Australian made.  Loving that they are cruelty free.  Loving their recyclable packaging.  Loving how my skin felt whilst using their products.  What I didn’t know was that they still use some pretty harsh preservers in some of their products.  The good thing is that every product lists their entire ingredients, therefore giving you full power as to what you buy.

These chemicals led me on a journey to try and find alternatives to my favourite products, but by no means compromising quality and results.  I would describe my skin as normal/sensitive and pigmented in parts.   As my skin ages, I find that quality and results becomes so very much more important.  It is more than slapping on some cream and heading out the door.  It is about preserving and protecting what I have now, for the future.

Through this blog I have been blessed to have had the luxury of sampling some wonderful toxic free products and have also come into contact with some fabulous online stores that stock them.

Below are the products that I have firmly planted into my new GREEN bathroom cabinet.

So let’s start with the basics.  Our cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.


Unfortunately, I can only speak of my results and I have tried numerous cream cleansers over the past few months but no foaming cleansers.  I do have to say I am a “foaming” cleanser girl so I was not sold on any of the products I tried.  Therefore I am not able to make comment on cleansers at this time.


I “lurve” Sodashi’s Rejuvenating Concentrate.  An oil based steaming exfoliant with lavender, geranium and lemon that you compress onto your face with a wash cloth.  It smells beautiful and opens up your pores so effectively.  My skin feels so supple, fresh, clean and alive after using this product.  Highly Recommended.

My skin also appreciates a manual exfoliant.  I sampled Evohe’s Exfoliant that I really enjoyed but unfortunately I didn’t have enough for more than two scrubs so I cannot vouch for the long term effectiveness on my skin.  With cacao powder and lotus seeds, it is truly a beautiful product.  My skin felt clearer, smoother and lighter and absorbed my moisturiser beautifully!  Highly Recommended.


Evohe’s Mist is lovely.  With Colloidal Silver and Vitamin E, this anti-inflammatory mist contains an Australian bush blend of lovely natural scents.


There are three moisturisers that I am loving.  The first is Evohe’s Moisture 24/7 Lite, a really easy moisturiser to wear in humid Australian summer conditions.  Non oily it absorbs well without leaving a layer of residue.  For a little bit more punch, I tried adding a pump of Evohe’s 3.6.9 Omega and also my favourite, Inessence Rosehip Oil.  Both combined really well and gave a little more moisturisation if needed.

The second is Sodashi’s Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser.  For night, I found this product fantastic!  It is great for drier, temperate Australian climates.  My skin felt wrapped, safe and nurtured.

The last product I have been loving is Mokosh’s Light Face Cream.  I recently had a work trip to Taiwan during a bitterly cold Taiwanese typhoon winter.  OMG! It was cold!  To give you an idea, my job is an outside job, so for a week I was exposed to the elements for 8-10 hours a day.  This cream was truly remarkable in the way that it protected my skin from the extreme conditions and kept it moisturised!   This cream was my lifesaver!Since returning home, I have been using this cream instead of my eye cream and I believe it is THE best eye cream I have EVER used!  Highly Recommend.


As you know, I am a HUGE Rosehip Oil fan.  For something a little lighter, there is another oil I have been enjoying and that is Mokosh’s Natural Face Oil for Normal and Combination Skin.  A beautiful blend of unrefined, organic and biodynamic oils, this oil smells beautiful and feels divine.

In my next posts I will share with you some beautiful organic and toxic free body creams and hair care, toxic free make-up brands and removers, organic self tanners and some fabulous online web sites that only sell guaranteed toxic free products.  These stores and their creators are inspirational people!!!  I am sooo proud to be able to share them with you.




5 thoughts on “Toxic free skin care

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  2. I’m glad you found the Mokosh Light Face Cream so beneficial, Sarah. The unrefined shea butter we use in it is highly protective, and the precious oils we blend with it means the cream is packed with nutrition – a true blessing when the skin is exposed to the elements! Most people find the Natural Face Oil is lighter. The 2 can work well together: Light Face Cream on drier areas of the face, or under harsher environmental conditions, and the Natural Face Oils for a lighter degree of moisturisation, or on the naturally more oily T zone of the face. Well done highlighting toxin-free skin care products – it is so important to be sure of using only unadulterated natural products on our skin.

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  4. Hasn’t JURLIQUE gone over to the dark side and started testing on animals? Presumably so they can sell their product in China (which demands animal testing on cosmetics etc.)

    • Hi Suzanne.

      I just read your comment and I was horrified!! Appaulled even!! Jurlique test on animals???? It seems to go against everything that Jurlique stands for… and then I googled…..

      OMG!!! This is what they had to say…

      “We are opposed to the use of animals in cosmetic testing and strive to ensure that Jurlique cosmetics are not tested on animals. However, in certain limited circumstances, local laws and regulations require animal testing for cosmetic products to demonstrate consumer safety as part of the product registration process. This is a legal requirement applicable to all cosmetic and therapeutic materials without exception, and is not specific to, not requested by, Jurlique.

      Specifically, as part of the cosmetic product registration process in China, animal testing is required for all beauty companies whose products are sold in that country. The process involves samples sent to a third party laboratory where toxicological tests are carried out on animals. This process is required by the Chinese regulatory authority to generate a safety profile of all cosmetic products to ensure that products on the Chinese market do not pose risk to the consumer. This testing is only carried out during the product registration stage: we do not conduct animal testing in the development of our products and no further testing is required once the Chinese regulatory authority has approved the product for sale in China.

      China’s State Food and Drug Administration, or SFDA, has recently released a draft proposal approving the use of alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics. Considerable research has already been undertaken over the past 12 months into non-animal testing alternatives. At Jurlique, we will be working closely with our Chinese agent to ensure that these alternative testing methods are utilized for our products as soon as they are approved. We are in complete support of the proposed plan and are eager to see China amend its laws to ensure alternative methods are available to completely replace animal testing for product registration.”

      Frankly, I am appaulled!!! If China demands testing and your policy is strictly NO ANIMAL TESTING, then how do you suddenly turn a blind eye? Just because they themselves are not testing that does not make them any more guilty!!!

      Sorry Jurlique, you have totally lost me!!

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