A natural fly eliminator..

I say eliminator cos it does exactly that.  Eliminate flies from your home without killing one single one!!

Well…that’s what they say.

We had a call today to tell us that our rental house is currently suffering a fly problem and asking when was the last time the house was pest treated.  How do you answer that question and say that the house has not been commercially treated in seven years?

How do you suggest that the tenant wash floors with a few drops of citronella in the water?  Or hang sticky paper up on windows?  Or put white pepper along doorsills to repel ants?

The next minute I found myself on Google…

I found THE most amazing fly deterrent that I will be testing out tomorrow to see if it works.  By all accounts, apparently it does.  And fantastically at that!

  • Step One:

Grab yourself a ziplock bag.  Fill it with water. Add four coins (from my research, they suggest pennies but I will be trying the good ol’ Aussie 5 cent coin tomorrow.)

  • Step Two:

Seal the bag and hang inside or outside your home.

That’s it….

Apparently it works by reflection.  As flies have so many eyes, the theory is that the water acts as one enormous disco ball and as flies are prey to insects, the flies don’t stay around long .

I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  The flies here in Perth are so sticky and impatient, so if it works here I reckon it’ll work anywhere!!



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