The secret to youth?

In my recent detox I have discovered Chia seeds, Maca root and Mesquite powder.  How did I not find these before??

Miranda Kerr swears by chia seeds as they have high levels of Omega 3, protein, fibre and antioxidants.  She snacks on them and alternatively makes them into a paste.  But you can just about do anything with them, from throwing a small handful into a smoothie to adding them like sesame seeds to your cakes and breads.

Maca root powder is AMAZING stuff!!  You name it, it achieves it!  It has long been known as the fertility drug of the Peruvians but it is not technically an aphrodisiac.  It works to regulate hormone production most notably involved with your adrenal and pituitary (an issue for me as I suffer from a microadenoma) glands and it boosts your immunity from within against both physical and mental weakening.

Finally, Mesquite powder.  This yummy caramel tasting gem holds a high amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.  It is rich in the amino acid lysine as well which is an important nutrient needed in healthy cells.  Mesquite powder can be used in smoothies or instead of flour.  With it’s low GI it stabilises blood sugar levels.

I sprinkle these supplements onto my morning yoghurt and fruit as well as a dash of agave syrup and a teaspoon of LSA, or add them to my cacao smoothies.  So easy!!

Hey.. If Miranda Kerr’s doing it, why wouldn’t we???

For some really healthy, fabulous recipes using these ingredients check out

Based in Melbourne, Loving Earth work with indigenous people around the world to source fair-trade, sustainable and healthy food in it’s purest form and to bring it to our table.  They feature recipes from Scott Fry, Managing director and chef and Omid Jaffari, Raw chef and globetrotter to bring to the internet THE most AMAZINGLY creative and yummy recipes.  They also have an online store.  Check them out!!



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