The Backyard Gardener

Okay my fellow animalarians (yes, it’s my word and I am taking it global!), I am on a mission to return us all to a society that finds chooks in backyards across our cities!!!

As well as the obvious eggs, chooks are weeders, pest control, fertiliser and lawn grub eaters.  They make fabulous pets to boot with every chicken having such independant personalities!  Your garden and your health will thank you.  So too will the kids!  Not to mention, the hundreds of thousands of battery chickens that exist for one year only inside a farm and never given the chance to ever do what is instinctively natural for a chicken, to scratch in the dirt and feel sunshine on their gorgeous little backs.  Yes I am a chicken lover.  I was converted after seeing the Jamie Oliver special on the chicken industry.  How wrong our intensive farming principles are!!!  Two of my four “girls” are ex battery hens and I would never believed it if I didn’t see it but the first thing they did after spending their entire 18 month long lives in a cage was instinctively scratch when they first touched soil.  I nearly cried!!

As we have recently moved to Perth from Brisbane and are now renting, I sadly had to leave my beloved “girls” in the loving hands of a friend.   Somehow, landlords just don’t seem to understand my cause!!   I dream of the day that we purchase a home and I can return to a life surrounded by “girls.”  I now have to buy my eggs which I hate, but through my local farmers market, I have chosen a specific farm and know that although I can’t assure their chickens of their lives after egg laying, that my eggs have come from happy chickens in paddocks in the sunshine.

And yes, my husband now calls me a “crazy chicken lady” but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Neither would he!



2 thoughts on “The Backyard Gardener

  1. My husband calls me Mrs MacDonald but i love our 6 chickens, fresh eggs every morning – yum, no more bugs in the backyard – yay and they’re just cool to watch as they cruise around pecking and making that noise they make! Love living in the city 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

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