Skin care that is so ethically and organically green!!

I am a simple cosmetic girl.

Yet it amazes me how a simple cosmetic girl can still have so many products in her bathroom cabinet….

I would have to say my most versatile product is Eco certified organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil.  I use it for EVERYTHING!!!  I use it as a moisturiser.  I use it for sunburn.  I use it against sunburn.  I use it for psoriasis.  I use it for a hair moisturiser.  I use it to detox.  I use it to smell like summer when the thick and bitter cold of winter has just gotten way too hard to take.  I love it!!

I also love my InEssence certified organic rose hip plus.  Packed full of Vitamin C, Rose Hip Oil  is so important in the stimulation of collagen as we age.   The oil reaches right down into the driest, most dehydrated skin and brings out the most wondrous healthy skin!! Why not mix it with a few drops of Jojoba oil for added benefits?  And why limit it to your face?

For more information on Coconut Oil:


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