Kale…The super food

I have recently discovered Kale.  This superfood is amazing!!

my-new-roots-kaleKale contains amazing levels of Vitamin A,  Vitamin B9 (folate), Vitamin K, alpha-lipoic acid and lutein.  Therefore, it’s an important food in the fight against stroke, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and depression.  It fights infections and regulates blood clotting.  In fact, research conducted by the Angiogenesis Foundation in Massachusetts suggests that kale may be effective in blocking angiogenesis, making it much harder for cancer cells to grow and multiply in the body.

Therefore, why wouldn’t we all include kale in our daily diets!!!

Here are two recipes for a breakfast smoothie that are just divine!!

Blueberry Banana Punch

1 banana

A handful of frozen blueberries

Half an apple

A small handful of kale

200mls of biodynamic apple juice

Teaspoon of chia seeds


Whizz in blender.


Monster Juice

A decent handful of Kale

1 cheek of frozen organic mango

1 banana

200ml of biodynamic apple juice (if you can’t find, the Nudie nothing but apples is good)

dash of coconut water water (100mls ish)

squeeze of lemon (this releases maximum iron from the kale)

A handful of ice.





6 thoughts on “Kale…The super food

  1. I just bought Kale at my local supermarket this morning, they sometimes have it so I grab them while it is there. Kale is so good! I also mix it into my green juice or healthy smoothie. I love your ‘Monster Juice’ Recipe, I really want to try it out. When I do, I will be sure to let you know!

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  3. I am concerned about Kale containing goitergens and that people with sensitive thyroids have been experiencing distressing symptoms of enlarged thyroid gland after drinking smoothies everyday with Kale. I have read that it can cause kidney and gallbladder stones due to the presence of oxalates. It would seem that the safest way to have Kale in smoothies or in diet is to lightly steam for 2 minutes before adding to smoothies to deactivate the oxalates and goitergens. Where there’s a will there’s a way :)…It has so many great properties and probably one of the reasons that people from the islands of Scotland lived so long as Kale soup was a great part of their nutrition apart from the seaweeds and the deep sea fish.

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