Have yourself a Merry Ethical Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.  It is such a wonderful time of year filled with magic, laughter, family, friendships and ultimately love.  I am a meat eater.  I am not proud of it but I am very conscious of the choices I make at the counter.  I buy ethical meat from ethical farms that I know have happy, healthy, organic animals that have lived their lives without stress and with plenty of grass and sunshine.  I believe you can taste this “happy” meat.  And therefore the enzymes, vitamins and protein in this meat is much more alive, healthier and packed full of goodness.  Would you believe the fat on grass fed lamb is actually beneficial to our health??

Our bodies are what we eat.
When it comes to Christmas, the only food I serve at my table is healthy, happy food.  Loads of organic vegetables and salads.  Loads of sunshine grown, non gmo, organic fruits.  Loads of antioxidants and vitamins.  Happy Christmas food.  Of course for many, Christmas is not Christmas without the turkey and the ham.

Here are some wonderful producers in S.E. Queensland/ Northern New South Wales that I know first hand who bring ethically raised food to the table.  You will have NEVER tasted meat quite like it!!

Sunforest Organic Turkeys

Bendele Farms

Pasture Perfect Pork

This year, as we are now in Perth, I am soon to start researching my choices for this up-coming Christmas.  I will keep you posted with what I discover.

While you are considering an ethical Christmas of your own, why not boycott gifts made in China for those locally made or sustainably sourced.  Our planet will thank you.  What better gift could you give your children?


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